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Shep941, Sep 12, 10 4:00 AM.
I've been advertisng on the RC forums for a raiding partner guild. Bumps are appreciated. For those of you not familiar with our realm forums you can find them at:

Ventrilo & DBM

Shep941, Sep 12, 10 3:11 AM.
Ventrilo and DBM will be the two "addons" required for raiding past Ony unless beforehand excused. If ANYONE has any questions about these let me know.. they are very common and easy to install and I will be happy to help. NO MICROPHONE is needed for vent. You just need to hear the raid leader before and during the fight. Its a free DL and really cool once you try it =p

Lemme know if you need help! - Dono

First and 10.

Shep941, Sep 12, 10 3:00 AM.
Ok we downed Ony last week. First try was unorganized, 2nd try was perfect till our MT D/C'ed. Once that problem was fixed, we downed her with no deaths. At least half of our raid was not geared for Ony. You guy's did PERFECT execution and I'm proud of everyone who attended for that.

I'm going to set up ToC and other raids for next week but I really want some input on what days/times are best for our raiding members?

I will be setting up a poll on the website soon but for the time being any in game input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! =D

Good Job DR

Shep941, Sep 12, 10 2:39 AM.
Our first in guild raid was a success. Grats to everyone who attended and those who crossed their fingers and/or toes as well. Sorry we didn't hit ToC this week but the weekly frost quest made it difficult.. lets do it next week?
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